Keep your inbox organized

⚠️ When conducting email outreach, your inbox can become overloaded and disorganized. This can result in delayed replies and missed opportunities with potential leads.

That is why you should consider implementing several straightforward yet highly effective techniques to improve email management. By adopting practices such as employing labels, prioritizing emails, unsubscribing from irrelevant subscriptions, and setting up filters, you can streamline your inbox, reclaim valuable time, and enhance your concentration.

We have compiled a concise list of tips and tricks for maintaining a clean and well-organized inbox.

Sort it out 📑

Use labels

Organize your emails into different labels/folders based on their importance, type, or sender. This makes it easier to locate specific emails and keeps your inbox tidy.

💡For instance, when you need to establish priorities while doing an email outreach, consider labeling your emails as positive, neutral, or negative. This approach will assist you in determining which emails warrant immediate attention and which ones can be addressed later on..

Use filters

Create filters to automatically sort emails into specific labels/folders based on keywords, sender, or other criteria.

An example is setting a filter on all replies from clients that has the same subject.

  1. Go to your inbox settings by visiting:
  2. Click on "Create a new filter"
  3. Use the subject of an outreach message from the campaign you are currently running, then click on "Create filter"
  4. Select "Apply the label" and set up a label for incoming messages.
inbox organization with Leadspicker
organizing emails with Leadspicker

By applying these settings, you will ensure that all incoming emails from your campaign are appropriately marked, making it easier for you to filter and manage them later. Feel free to explore and customize the settings according to your preferences.

Clean inbox = clean mind 🗑️

Archive or delete old emails

Archive or delete old emails that you no longer need, such as emails that are more than a year old or emails that have been resolved.

Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

If you find yourself receiving a lot of unnecessary emails, such as newsletters or spam, unsubscribe from them to reduce the clutter in your inbox.

Automatization 🤖

Schedule time for inbox management: Set aside specific times of the day to check and respond to emails. This helps prevent email from taking over your entire day and allows you to focus on other tasks.

💡 You can prepare all replies/emails at once and send them later.

Set up automatic forwarding: If you need to delegate your emails to your colleagues, you can set up automatic forwarding. This allows your emails to be automatically sent to another email address without you having to manually forward them each time.

Use keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts can save time and make it easier to navigate your inbox. Learn the shortcuts for your email client and use them frequently.

Compose new email: Ctrl+N (Windows), Command+N (Mac)

Send email: Ctrl+Enter (Windows), Command+Enter (Mac)

Reply to email: Ctrl+R (Windows), Command+R (Mac)

Reply to all: Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows), Command+Shift+R (Mac)

Forward email: Ctrl+F (Windows), Command+F (Mac)

Mark email as unread: Ctrl+U (Windows), Command+U (Mac)

Flag email: Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows), Command+Shift+L (Mac)

Archive email: E (Gmail)

Delete email: Delete or Backspace

Move to the next email: Down arrow key

Move to the previous email: Up arrow key

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