Leadspicker's Journey to Enhanced Email Deliverability with Warmup Inbox

We've all been there: crafting an essential business email, painstakingly writing content that’s just right, and then pressing 'send', only to find it ensnared in the black hole that is the spam folder.

This predicament is all too common, even when trying to follow best practices. That is why Leadspicker has chosen to partner up with Warmup Inbox, a tool dedicated to IP and domain warming, as our new partner for our email marketing efforts.

Warmup Inbox: A History

In the saturated market of email tools, Warmup Inbox distinguishes itself. With over four years of service and a vast network of more than 30,000 real inboxes, its credentials are formidable. To understand its efficacy, one only needs to peruse their successful case studies.

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At its core, Warmup Inbox operates on a straightforward principle: enriching your email interactions. By integrating your inbox with their expansive network, your emails garner genuine engagement, ensuring they stand out and avoid spam traps.

How Warmup Inbox Works

Here’s a step-by-step process of what Warmup Inbox does, and how it works.

1. Account creation and setup: During registration, you'll be prompted to provide information about your email account and the IP/domain you want to warm up.

2. Synchronization of your email account: Integrate your email address with Warmup Inbox. This is typically done through OAuth authentication or by providing IMAP settings.

3. Integration with the Warmup Inbox network: Once integrated, your email is introduced to Warmup Inbox’s extensive network of real and authentic inboxes.

4. Regular email exchanges: Warmup Inbox starts the warming process by facilitating email exchanges between your account and other inboxes in their network. These interactions are designed to simulate genuine email activities, such as sending, receiving, opening, and occasionally marking emails as important.

5. Avoiding spam traps: As your reputation grows, email servers become more accustomed to your emails, reducing the chances of them being flagged as spam.

6. Monitoring and feedback: Warmup Inbox keeps track of all email interactions, and provides insights and metrics about your emails, such as open rates, reputation scores, and potential issues or red flags.

7. Blacklist monitoring: Warmup Inbox continuously scans all major email blacklists to ensure your domain or IP isn’t listed. If a potential listing is detected, you're notified promptly to take corrective measures.

8. Expert support and assistance: If users face any issues or have questions, Warmup Inbox’s team of email warming specialists is available to assist!

9. Completion of warming process: Once your email's reputation is sufficiently "warmed up", the frequency of interactions can be reduced. However, it's beneficial to maintain a consistent level of interaction to keep the email reputation stable over time.

By following this process, Warmup Inbox makes sure your emails have a higher chance of landing in the recipient's primary inbox and not the spam folder, improving overall email deliverability.

Warmup Inbox Features: A Closer Look

Combating the Threat of Email Blacklists

In the email world, the "Blacklist" is analogous to an iceberg for the Titanic. Landing on one can be detrimental, causing campaigns to sink before they even begin. Warmup Inbox is your experienced navigator in these waters.

With vigilant email blacklist monitoring, it ensures your emails remain on course and reach their intended recipients.

The Unparalleled Value of Genuine Interactions

While bots and auto-responders serve their purposes, when it comes to email warming, genuine engagements triumph.

Warmup Inbox capitalizes on this by providing the tools for your emails to receive authentic feedback, cementing their importance and ensuring they're recognized by Internet Service Providers and mail servers alike.

A Proactive Approach to Deliverability

Many tools focus on merely avoiding common pitfalls, but Warmup Inbox aims higher. It doesn’t just keep your emails out of the spam folder; it actively works to improve their overall reach.

The onboarding process is streamlined: once your email account is synchronized, the platform integrates you with their massive user network, allowing you to reap the benefits without constant oversight.


In the dynamic field of marketing, where an email's success can significantly impact campaigns and businesses, tools like Warmup Inbox are indispensable. With its meticulous monitoring, proactive approach to enhancing deliverability, and dedicated support, it’s clear why businesses, including Leadspicker, have integrated this stellar tool.

So, as you navigate the challenging terrains of email marketing, remember that with Warmup Inbox by your side, you're not just sending messages; you're guaranteeing they shine.

Want to try Warmup Inbox on your next email campaign? Sign up for free and discover how Warmup Inbox can help take your email marketing to new heights!

Disclaimer: this article was written by a team from warmupinbox.com

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