Develogi x Leadspicker

Develogi x Leadspicker

Strengthening Business Growth Through Strategic Lead Generation

In the fast-paced world of technology development, Develogi, a company renowned for its prowess in creating advanced applications and systems, faced a critical challenge in aligning its resource allocation with project acquisition. To overcome this hurdle and rejuvenate its business development efforts, Develogi collaborated with Leadspicker in targeted lead generation, setting the stage for an increase in potential business opportunities.

Develogi at a Glance

Develogi stands at the forefront of technology development, offering a broad spectrum of services including architecture design, solution analysis, and the maintenance of complex systems. Their corporate philosophy, grounded in adaptability, employee empowerment, and a holistic approach to problem-solving, positions them as a unique player in the tech field.

Develogi excels in creating complex software and systems, offering architecture design, solution analysis, testing, and maintenance services. With an adaptable and team-focused philosophy, they can handle the most challenging projects.

However, Develogi found themselves in a quandary. Despite having a skilled development team ready for action, they lacked enough projects to keep them fully engaged. They needed to expand their business development efforts. Time to find an effective partner.

Objectives and Stragegy

Aiming to secure a significant deal to utilize their full service capacity, Develogi sought a partnership capable of unlocking new business avenues through effective lead generation and client outreach.

Leadspicker joined forces with Develogi to meet their objective. The goal was to initiate contact with 1000 companies over three months, fostering engagements that could lead to new business opportunities and increasing the awareness of Develogi as a company, which could also open spaces for future collaborations.

Methodology and Execution

Utilizing its innovative outreach platform, Leadspicker devised a campaign specifically tailored to Develogi’s needs. The target market was segmented into five distinct groups, with four being highly targeted based on specific triggers. Leadspicker focused on companies actively hiring PHP or .NET developers on LinkedIn and other job portals. This approach ensured reaching out to companies with an immediate need for Develogi's expertise.

Process involved automating the scraping of relevant websites to identify key decision-makers. Using our platform, we efficiently found email addresses and crafted personalized outreach messages. This preparation paved the way for a highly focused and efficient campaign.

Campaign Outcomes

The campaign achieved outstanding performance metrics, with an average open rate of 67% and a reply rate of 26%, significantly exceeding industry norms. This resulted in Develogi receiving a minimum 22 positive responses that helped set-up 7 meetings monthly with potential new clients, a clear indicator of Leadspicker's targeted approach's success.

While a final agreement is yet to be reached, the campaign has initiated several promising discussions with potential clients. These negotiations suggest a strong potential for future collaborations and opportunities for Develogi to deploy its expertise.


This case study underscores the importance of targeted lead generation and strategic partnerships in addressing business development challenges. Leadspicker's strategic approach helped Develogi connect with potential new clients based on current hiring needs. When technical and outreach skills combine, success can follow. The journey towards a final deal continues, but the results thus far highlight the effectiveness of well-executed lead generation campaigns in bridging the gap between capacity and opportunity in the technology sector.


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