MassChallenge x Leadspicker

MassChallenge x Leadspicker

Nurturing Sustainable Innovation: Leadspicker and MassChallenge Switzerland's Journey

MassChallenge Switzerland stands at the vanguard of driving sustainable change in food production, crucial in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring food security amidst climate change. By synergizing the disruptive ideas of startups with the scaling power of corporations, MassChallenge has catalyzed significant collaborations. Over four years, this initiative has seen over 1,700 startups apply, connecting 250+ of these with leading global food manufacturers, and leading to substantial follow-up discussions and partnerships.

Project Specifics

In a strategic move, MassChallenge Switzerland engaged Leadspicker to identify 2000 startups specializing in areas from alternative proteins to sustainable packaging and regenerative agriculture. The aim was to find startups with products or ideas that were not only a strategic fit for their partners but also impactful and scalable. These startups ranged from seed to series C+ stages and were from various geographies. Leadspicker's responsibility included a comprehensive two-month outreach, entailing 3 to 4 emails to each startup, to foster connections and potential collaborations.

Results Data

This strategic outreach culminated in impressive outcomes, notably securing 135 applications directly attributable to Leadspicker's efforts. Moreover, the campaign elicited over 200 direct responses from startups expressing interest in the program, illustrating the targeted outreach's relevance and effectiveness. Additionally, the initiative sparked considerable engagement, with dozens of direct calls requested by potential applicants, further evidencing the high level of interest and the potential for meaningful partnerships and innovation in sustainable food production.


Through Leadspicker's targeted campaign, MassChallenge Switzerland significantly advanced its goal of fostering sustainable solutions in the food industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic outreach in engaging innovative startups and facilitating impactful collaborations.




Direct Applications

over 200

Replies Expressing Interest