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Boost your sales and revenues with our
behind-the-curtain sales prospecting service.

We bring opportunities, you close deals. New qualified sales prospects within 3 weeks.

Problems we tackle

Drop-in revenues caused by various internal and external factors such as inconsistent sales prospect generation, seasonality, staff turnover and more.

Difficulty in building a quality sales development team fully dedicated to sales prospecting and consistent generation of relevant and positive sales interest.

Effective and resourceful utilisation of your senior sales team by allowing them to fully focus on meetings and deal closing.

How does it work?

You give us the criteria and we do all the work for you, handing over positive sales prospect replies straight to your mailbox.

  1. Define your ideal customer profile (ICP)

    • Let us understand who are your customers.

  2. Let Leadspicker do the heavy lifting

    • We utilise the best tools and technology, including AI and machine learning, to find, qualify and get the most relevant data for your sales prospects that we then use in an outreach campaign tailored just for you. Our smart tools help us to keep a low spam score and high deliverability.

  3. Campaign Execution

    • Hyper-targeted messaging facilitates high conversion rates and positive responses.
    • Our conversion rates are at a minimum double of your regular reply rate.

  4. Positive replies in your inbox

    • You just check your inbox for new sales prospects wanting to discuss your product. Your team turns them into sales.

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In a 1-month cooperation you test out our capabilities and the relevance of our service to your sales process.

No strings attached

€1,000 – €2,000


A 3-6 month cooperation is securing you a stable inflow of new, relevant sales prospects directly supporting the growth of your business

€2,000 – €3,000

per month


Our service can be tailored just to your particular needs.

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You're in good company

Thrive using the Leadspicker technology and join 250+ companies in 36 countries that are already benefiting from our service.

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