Looking for investors tuned into your industry? 🚀

🤖 OpenAI's text embeddings got your back!

Loaded GPT with 50k VC websites and Linkedin profiles. Categorised the investment focus. 🔎 Created embeddings for search based on relatedness of text strings.

AI-Powered VC Sheet - Type what you do -> get investors tuned into your industry | Product Hunt

Sharing now an AI-Powered VC Sheet 👇 with all founders and VCs
because fundraising is an uphill battle, research is the needle in a haystack, and 'spray and pray' is evil. 😈

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See what others say about it

1M+ impressions and 4k people commenting across all the posts and reposts 😎

Impressive! Thank you for doing the hard work the smart way.
Katarina Popovic
Founder at Pitch Bitch Consultancy
Very cool use of AI. I'm excited for the future of data analysis with the help of AI and LLMs.
Kyle K.
Co-Founder at Growth Hacker Extraordinaire
This tool could significantly ease the fundraising journey for many startups by providing them with a targeted list of potential investors that align with their industry and vision. Moreover, it could also help investors discover opportunities that they may have otherwise overlooked.
Aiden Spaulding
Founder, Growth Consultant
Data analysis using AI and LLMs is going to skyrocket in the coming years, and it’s great to see what can be accomplished so early on.
Patrick Kennedy
Advisor at Mutt Data
Wonderful! I am always looking for ways to push LLMs to new heights.
Francesco Pappalardo
Consultant at Holland Partners
As someone who's going to be first-time fundraising soon, this is a super interesting application of AI.
Andrew Walls
Design & Innovation Consultant at Boardroom Labs
This is truly a game-changer for both startups and VCs. Streamlining the process of fundraising and research through AI technology can potentially save so much time and resources.
Jake Call
Founder & CEO at BuildrWealth
At last, a useful GenAI Implementation!
Sean Kearney
Battle-tested COO, Quilliance LLC
It gave me really good results. I'm in the devops space and it's quite niche.
Dhiraj Narwani
Founder & CEO AT OPSLY
Love the insight. Reading huge sets of data and contextually matching based on a concept takes a lot of cognitive load. Makes perfect sense to do with ChatGPT!
Dmitry Koltunov
Founder, Arbor
Wow, this is an amazing tool that you have developed to help founders and VCs with their fundraising efforts. Your dedication and hard work are truly impressive, and the results are fantastic. It's refreshing to see someone put in so much effort to help others in their industry, rather than just focusing on their own success. As a Cryptopreneur, I'm always on the lookout for investors, and this tool will undoubtedly helpful to me. Keep up the good work!
Krishna Prabhu
Founder at BAB DAO
This is just what I've been looking for!
Vlad Martin
Co-founder  of Ocean of Hunts

🛠️ How does it work? And how to use it?

Just enter your industry - instantly get a list of investors semantically related to your input based on what they say on Linkedin and their website!

What has been done so far? 

Merged circulating investor lists
Scraped each fund's web and Linkedin profile information.
GPT Summarized what they say they invest in
Deployed embeddings in a vector DB
Connected with Google Sheets via our API
✅ 🚀 launched on Product Hunt 😻
❌ Monthly sync with latest data from LinkedIn and web
❌ Scrape investor's website regularly for new investments
❌ AI analysis of portfolio companies to identify investor preferences
❌ Real-time investment team updates (who left, joined, got promoted)
❌ Search also within descriptions of (portfolio) startups
❌ Contacts on relevant founders (backed by your target investor)
❌ Outreach capabilities (pathway to your investor via relevant founders)

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With the raise of AI we realized that by leveraging text embeddings and our 7 years of expertise in ML, lead generation and crawling, we can provide the most accurate lists in seconds. Better. Always up-to-date.

Our roadmap further includes:

  • Up-to-date information (regular LinkedIn & Web Sync)

  • Search instantly also startups (portfolio founders)

    Outreach capabilities

Ditch traditional players

We have been there, raised and invested, and we are deeply annoyed by how difficult and pricey it is to find investment related information for startups and VCs.

Is sucks. There is no quality data nor an easy way
to search for the right match investors.

It is overpriced. It is unfair and annoying that the monopolistic database players are charging from $300 to a couple of thousands of dollars to use a retro tool.

No one cares about the founders and by using outdated tech existing solutions are not providing enough precise, up-to-date and comprehensive information.

It's exciting to have been included in the Data-driven VC Landscape 2023 as one of the Top 20 Thought Leaders 🚀. The data-driven revolution has just begun, and machine-learning models have been proven to outperform humans in many aspects.
Venture Capital is no exception.

Vlastimil Vodicka| Founder @ Leadspicker.com / Pipebooster.io